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Human Activity

What makes Humans Intelligent Creators?

to all Human Beings




The seeminly eternal project of human race regeneration appears to be a complex whole of the Three Core Elements:

1. •Σ•ενέργεια•energy;

2. •Φ•φυσικός•physique;

3. •Π•πνέω•pneo (breathing), 

which, in fact, is the Σnergy embodied in the Φysical body enlived with Πneo (respiration).

1. The question arises: a/ where that Energy come from?

2. What are the materials that construct the Phisique to hold the Energy-processing-self-regulatory system?

3. What makes the Pneumo-respiratory system stable to energize the Physique with the Energy from the food or/and the Energy from somewhere else?

1. The answer to the 1-st question is easy, if you assume that the Energy comes from the Universe and is directed by Some Source, into a human Energo-physico-pneumo system . That could be a good axioma for the existing of God.

It is far more complex, if one says something different, as there arise questions about:

a/ who? b/ why? c/ where from? d/ which way? f/ what quantity? g/ of what Energy?

h/ why is that a necessity or an incidental occurance? i/ why is that phenomenon so unique?

Let`s try to answer the questions assuming there is no Creator:

a/ Someone = X;

b/ Cause = Y;

c/ Location = Z, as we do not know the X;

d/ M(ode), which is uknown (- K(nowledge) function of the A(ction));

e/ it could be 1/n of the Energy (n= not-known);

f & g/ what kind of Energy is that? does X possess it? or is it Someone else? is that Energy a specific Energy, a simbiosis of all the Energy known in the Universe, or some Vita-Energy granted to living-beings only?

h/ why was it necessary to create an Andos/ Homo? Was that a specific project necessary for the Universe or did it "activate" itself generating itself linking the unlinking elements together to make a living-being and, then, a human-being?

i/ is the embodied Energy supported by gass-processing Lungs and by the food-processing Stomach used only for the Earth habitants or elsewhere? if somewhere else, where? are they having the same self-regulatory system, like plants, animals or humans? why the Life Phenomenon unique? if not- why it is not unique?

Σ => (Φ+Π) => (i(nstincts)) => E(motions):: I(ntellect) => imm(itation)=> C(reativity)=> K(nowledge)=>?...

Not all the humans, though, get through all the chain of thee Higher Development, which seems not to be the final point in the chain of the Possibilities, limited by the Abilities.

But, that is not all:

1. how come that the fragile Physique can have the filigree Nervous System that develops the unique ability to use the in-born (pre-planned) instincts into Emotions, which nurture the Intellect that comes from the Energy embodied and leads to Immitation, then- to the Immitational Activity, resulting in Creativity that leads to Knowledge, its Accumulation, its Processing, its Organization, and then- to Discoveries and Inventions?

That One who could answer all the questions, is the Ex-Maxime Scientissimus, the Very Most Knowledgeable.

Ivan Petryshyn

USA 4.29.2017

Близькі за тематикою матеріали читати в розділі:

Пропонуємо ознайомитися з наступною публікацією автора «"ПАРАМАГАМСА УПАНІШАД" (Мудрість стародавньої індії.) / "Учеництво Довершеного Лебедя" | Іван Петришин 18». Якщо Ви пропустили, до Вашої уваги попередня публікація «Слов`янська поезія українською мовою (Сербо-лужицька поезія) / Якуб Барт-Чужинський" Будушин" | Іван Петришин».

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