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Ukraine: anti-sect anthem

The links between religion and chaos

Ukraine is one of the most fabulous countries in the world .

Its uniqueness is partly based on human potential and partly – on its territory, rich in precious stones, wood, metal and crops.

The ideology of Ukraine is one of the most exciting in the world. It`s really complicated. From the point of view of politics, nothing`s clear, even if you`re in politics. Ukraine`s population is one of the most emotionally unstable in the world, with a trend of blaming each other and hardly ever being responsible. If some activist/journalist/politician holds responsible for what he or she is doing, chances are this person becomes a victim.

This can easily be seen in the case of Saakashvili and the earlier case – Gongadze.

Euromaidan events have brought to life both sides of power – a drive for renovation and a drive for destruction.

Yes, life is unpredictable. Rule of knowledge and culture (a trend which should be generally accepted in all the countries) in Ukraine is sometimes substituted by uncontrolled sects or unpredictable religious movements, such as `Renaissance`, which is in fact a mob, playing with lives, documents and psychological identities of all its donors, members and contributors.

Freedom of speech and economic freedom have certainly improved since 2014. However, the overall trend of silencing journalists has become so ludicrous that it`s impossible not to notice it. Some journalists are not even confined to prisons but to mild or medium forms of slavery.

A new wave of media-created `projects` brought about by war is one of the most significant political trends in Ukraine nowadays.

Even in huge cities, half-dead organizations try to thrive by taking in new members. Some of these organizations do perform real charity, even though small-scaled, the others abuse their social status and then illegally transfer the data of their members to the police, secret services etc.

The next generation (Z generation, born after 2003 appr.), with its trend of unprecedented multilateral thinking, is possibly going to overcome all the previous generations in terms of world-outlook.

My overview by now is that politics is going to be `wiped out` from the world`s discourse by 2040-2070, substituted by various huge transnational companies and `flashed out` by show business of all kinds.

Pity for those who live their lives, being motivated by freedom and control of all life`s spheres.

(с) Maryna Tchianova

2017 08.12.2017

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До речі, при всій моїй безмірній повазі до почесних співзасновників та вельмишановних представників корпорації Google, програмне забезпечення для перекладу, створене іншими компаніями, є більш ефективним для перекладу юридичних/культурологічних/урядових/транснаціональних комунікацій. 

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Я перекладу сама. Англійська була і залишається однією з мов міжнародного спілкування. 

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гугл-перекладач мені в поміч...
а українською ніяк не можна? 

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